Thursday, March 17, 2011

{Harold And The Purple Crayon}

Resources and ideas for Harold and the Purple Crayon

Our Row for Kindergarten

"Perspective" art lesson from Live and Learn

Pretzel Crayon Wrappers from Tip Junkie

Shades of Purple (it's a set, trust me, purple is in there) from Montessori Tidbits

Education Cubes Pie Fractions from Delightful Learning

Vocabulary Cards from Homeschool Share

Fraction Pies from Homeschool Share

How crayons are made video from Mr. Rogers

How crayons are made pictures from Mr. Rogers

Art Vocab Sheet - Very simple sheet to include in our notebook. I just set it up in table format and included an area for the word, definition, student drawing, and an example which I plan on finding with Bubby online and printing for him to glue to the page.

Copywork from All Of A Kind Family