Sunday, January 1, 2012

{Winter Playdough}

One of the activities on my list this month was to make winter playdough. We made a double batch of white with glitter and a double batch of blue. It appears that you should make playdough in single batches or it doesn't mix right and tends to burn on the bottom. Lesson learned.

After the playdough was ready to go I set the boys up with pipe cleaner pieces and black beans to make miniature snowmen. It was a lot of fun. This is Monkey's snowman. I kept making balls for him and he kept squishing them into a pile. Whatever. That is the blue hat squished on top.

This is Bubby's melted snowman.

Building building...

I do believe he was giving his snowman a kiss. or eating it. it's hard to tell.

My snowman.

I used the same recipe that I found for Apple Pie Playdough but obviously changed the colors and took out the spices. The glitter was an experiment so we just threw it in as the playdough was cooking and it came out great. I bought a twelve pack of glitter colors for about $6.00 so we'll be making more in the future.

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