Saturday, March 24, 2012

{Jellybean Graphing}

Enchanted Learning has some really fun printables to go along with Spring activities. I printed this jellybean graphing sheet out a few weeks ago and when Bubby was begging me once again for some jellybeans he other night I remembered I had it and pulled it out.
 I detest cheapy Easter jellybeans so we have Starburst Jellybeans on hand. His list included a few colors we didn't have, I went through with him and colored over the words with the corresponding colored pencil so he could identify which was which.
 He took it very seriously. It was night and our lighting is pretty lame in that room so it was a task all by itself to try and differentiate some of the colors. I showed him how to hold several together so he could decide which was pink, orange, and red by comparison for instance.
 This is his finished chart.The "x's" that are running down the side are extra pink ones that didn't fit in the chart.
 The sheet includes a few questions such as "What color do you have the most of?" and "How many of this color do you have?"
"pink" "29" "orange" "4" "78"
He was getting tired so his handwriting was messier than it usually is. Most of the time he is very stressed about whether or not his writing is correct, that night he didn't care so much.
After he was done graphing he got to count out fifteen jellybeans to eat.

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