Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{Spring Sensory Tub}

I have to confess this is only my second sensory bin, though I have a huge list of ideas saved up. I need to do these inexpensively so I've been saving little things here and there and started keeping them in a large plastic box for future ones.
I put together this Spring bin from some things we had on hand, and a few new items from the dollar store. All of the items are reusable and will get put in baggies for another time.
When I first put the box together I filled about half of the eggs with items to make it a bit more interesting, and then I just put the box on the shelf and let the boys discover it themselves. They get really excited when they find new things to play with. Much more so than if I presented it to them.

It took Monkey a few tries to figure out the eggs but now he brings us "presents" all the time and we have to open the eggs and be really excited about what's inside. It's good for his coordination, it's tricky stuffing plastic frogs into those little tiny eggs.

It looks a little on the empty side but Monkey has pulled it out pretty much every day so it must be exciting enough.
What's in it:
Ducks, frogs, and insect toys that we had around the house
Dragon Fly finger puppet that the boys' cousin brought them from Hawaii
Foamie stickers, there are flowers and Easter eggs with glitter on them (I took two of the same and stuck them back to back) to make chunkie pieces
Blue and Green "gems" from a gift we dismantled at one point
Miniature Eggs (about 2" tall)- Dollar Tree
Carrot ornaments - Dollar Tree
Flowers - Dollar Tree (these were part of some fake flowers but they easily separated from the stems, I would have used more of them but they only seemed to have the one bunch.)
See the little carrot? Upper left kind of in an open spot by itself? I'm a little obsessed with miniature things, they are stinking cute!


  1. Oftentimes my kids' favorite sensory activities are the ones I think look the "emptiest." My littlest one, Logan, is currently playing with 18 teeny plastic Easter eggs, 18 colored porcupine balls, and an old 18 count egg carton. She plays for hours with what was a last-minute throw-down activity. :)

    1. I added the 3-part cards from Jolanthe's Garden printable pack over at Homeschool Creations along with enough Scrabble tiles to make all of the words. I'm hoping these will interest Bubby, who is six, in the box.
      I've seen so many ideas lately for using those little porcupine balls, I need to go buy a set!