Monday, March 19, 2012

{The Tale of Peter Rabbit}

One of the FIAR activities the boys are working on is a color book. I put together a pretty simple setup using construction paper, grommets, and a color sheet from the internet. I will post a copy of the cover in case anyone is interested, just as soon as I can get Google Docs and Blogger to live in harmony. Technology, blech!

This took about two minutes to put together. I stacked one piece of each colored construction paper, glued the printed cover page to a piece of white construction paper and added it to the top. Then I used my crop-a-dile to punch holes and add grommets. 

I requested some free garden catalogs off the internet a while ago so I gave a couple of them to the boys that had more vegetables than flowers and let them at it. 
 Monkey had his own ideas and I just let him be. He ripped out pictures, chopped up his book, and drew. He had a blast so that's what really counts.
 It was really fun to see all of the varieties of vegetables you can grow.
 Bubby had a really good time finding new things like white corn (not uncommon but new to him)

The purple tomatoes were definitely the hit.

He is still working on it (I'm working on his attention span) so I'll add it to our wrap-up when it's finished. 
All of the vegetable looking led us to a planned shopping trip for different varieties of veggies. I'm not sure what we'll find at this time of year but I'm hoping to keep his excitement going through the spring and summer so he'll be willing to try new things.

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  1. Looks like a great activity. Good cutting practice too. Thanks for sharing your post on Show and Tell this week!