Friday, March 16, 2012

{Make Way for Ducklings; The Tale of Peter Rabbit - K}

I'm so behind on taking pictures but I did manage to snap a few of this week's activities. We are currently rowing The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Make Way for Ducklings. I'm combining the two into a few weeks of Spring activities and it's been a lot of fun.

We also watched this movie that The Mister found. It was really well done, I was impressed.

Enchanted Learning has several of these letter/number codes to go along with various topics. Bubby has done a couple and enjoys them. They are good practice for numbers and letter handwriting.
These super cute wooden animal beads came from the Target dollar spot a couple of years ago. I keep shoelaces in the box and my sister added some pipe cleaners. Brilliant, they are much easier for Monkey to handle since they don't bend as easily.

Bubby has been working his way through this Spiderman math book. The activities are a bit easy for him but it's good handwriting practice. The number line is a reference for him to write his letters. He can tell me that "12" has a 1 and a 2 but he has a hard time connecting that with the written numbers sometimes. I'm pretty sure this came from the dollar store but I wasn't the one that actually bought it.

Free drawing time. Monkey explained that this is Bubby's "body" inspired by recently watching the Magic School Bus anatomy episode when Arnold eats the bus.
Modeling for my Link N' Learn pictures
I have a huge collection of handwriting pages from various workbooks, I tore them all out and just keep them in a manila folder. Most of the time I try to incorporate handwriting into our other activities. If I need something to quickly fill in a day I toss in a handwriting sheet.

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