Sunday, March 25, 2012

{What Charlie Heard and onomatopoeia}

What Charlie Heard by Mordicai Gerstein

The boys both loved this book and so did I. We checked it out at our library and it has the audio version with it as well. I would highly recommend getting it on audio book, the sound effects are wonderful.

Charles Ives Society

The story is based on the life and music of Charles Ives. There is a short biography at the end that is comfortably geared towards younger readers.

I'm not a huge fan of the art as it's too busy for my taste. If you are using FIAR or simply want to incorporate a lesson, this is a perfect book to represent onomatopoeia. The FIAR volumes focus on the idea of onomatopoeia for several of it's lessons.
I enjoyed the story as well as the biographical information at the end. I would highly recommend looking for it.

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