Friday, April 20, 2012

{Pick-Up Words}

We received a catalog during the holidays from
and between the boys and I, we pretty much marked every single thing in the catalog.

Including these for $14.50

I knew I could make them and customize them to our needs.

So I finally got around to making a set. I used words from The Ordinary Parent's Guide To Teaching Reading, which is what we have been using for Bubby's reading lessons. 
I believe we received these particular popsicle sticks in a Goodie Bag (think stocking), and they most likely came from the dollar store.
They aren't the highest quality, but they work. I also couldn't find any fine point sharpies that aren't black so they aren't all fun and colorful, but whatever. 
I wrote four different words on each stick so there are lots of opportunities to read different words.

Fortunately, Bubby is very easy when it comes to games and if I even hint that it's a game he's all for it. This is how our conversation went.
Me: We are going to dump these sticks on the table and then take turns picking them up and reading one of the words. You can pick any word you want. It's kind of like a game called Pickup Sticks.
Bubby: Ok. What's the point of the game, how do we win?
Me: It's just to practice reading words, something fun. You read the word and you get to keep the stick.
Bubby: But we take turns so we will have the same number of sticks at the end.
Me: Yep.
Bubby: Oh. Ok. 

and it was that simple. We played through once and he had a great time and read all of the words. We'll be pulling this out once a week or so to review his reading words, and it cost me less than a dollar! Ok, technically it didn't cost me anything, but you get the idea.