Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{Alphabet Puzzle}

Both of my boys love to do puzzles so I try to pull them out often. We have a huge collection of puzzles in a variety of "subjects." It's a fun way to add in a little learning.
This particular one came with a school kit that The Mister picked up at Costco one time. He bought one for Preschool and one for Kindergarten. They included some fun workbook style books, bingo games, dry erase activities, this puzzle, and some other things.
 I was going to take one photo to add to our weekly wrap up but Monkey has been in the mood lately to have non stop photos taken of him, which he then wants to see, so there is no faking allowed.
 The images on the puzzle are really cute and he actually knows some of the letters. Though I think he may have just memorized them without really know them. As he's putting the letters in he'll say "Q is for queen" "D is for dog."
 Typically he'll do it several times in a row.

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