Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{Cloud Dough}

The first Bucket List activity for the summer was cloud dough. This stuff is awesome! It's a little messier than I expected so after the first couple of days I moved it to a back porch activity. 

The night I made it I couldn't keep my hands out of it. It's has such a different fun feel. Bubby took part for about ten minutes and then moved on to other things. Monkey has asked for it over and over again. Sometimes he stays for an hour, sometimes ten minutes. He always says "can I play with the cloud?"

I let them explore the cloud dough by itself for a while, then I tossed in some shape cookie cutters and eventually gave them a couple of bowls and cups.

I used the recipe here, and doubled it. I mixed it up in a flatish plastic storage box. This has worked really well for us because we can put the lid on and move it around from place the place easily. If you have a sensory table, it would obviously be a perfect filler for that too. Ours wasn't as moldable as theirs appears to be so maybe I need to add a bit more oil.
Some one suggested adding food coloring. I think we'll try that when we get tired of the regular stuff, that way if it has to be tossed, oh well.
Our 3yo friend from next door discovered it on our porch one day and had a blast with it. I would recommend this for pretty much any age, minus littles that might want to taste it of course.

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