Thursday, August 9, 2012

{Cornstarch and Water}

Have you ever tried this stuff? It is so much fun! The Mister and I both remember doing this experiment in school while studying states of matter, we made it with the boys for the pure joy of it.
 I loosely used the directions found here.
 Basically you dump the cornstarch in a container and then slowly add water until you get the right consistency.

 Then you dig in. What makes this stuff so cool is that it turns into a solid with any kind of pressure. If you squeeze it in your hand it will turn into a solid ball. If you relax your hand it appears to melt and instantly turns into a liquid.

 We actually added food coloring after we had mixed the water and cornstarch, but it still worked out.

 The boys kept adding water until eventually the consistency was mostly liquid.
 As usual, A(3.5) stayed around to play for much longer that J(6.5).

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