Thursday, August 16, 2012

{Fizzy Science}

I'm just sharing a ton of pictures here....
 Fizzy science is on our summer bucket list. I gave each of the boys a baking pan with a thick layer of baking soda. Then I used our awesome Learning Resources jumbo test tubes to mix vinegar and food coloring. I provided red, blue, yellow, and green. The test tubes were great because they don't tip over!
 I gave them each two eye droppers, which are always a hit, and let them go for it.
 A was fascinated by the fizzing and very strategically covered every inch of his pan.
 After a while J(6.5) wanted to make different colors. I encouraged him to try a few different things: drip one color and then the other (didn't work), drip them both at the same time (didn't work) and finally to mix the colors in a bowl and then pour it on (that worked).

He had fun trying out different color combinations.

 Towards the end they started dumping and mixing and making messes, which is the fun part anyway.
 They spent about 90 minutes happily playing together at the table. That's a record at our house!

 This is a great sensory activity, especially for little ones. They can safely touch, taste, and smell all of the ingredients.
I didn't get any pictures but eventually their pans were swimming in goo and they had a great time playing in it. The food coloring wasn't strong enough to stain anything and it all washed up really easy. Actually my pans came out sparkling, bonus.

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