Monday, December 17, 2012

Archeology Dig

I found this great Toob with skulls in it and have been saving it to surprise the boys with an archeology dig!
The dig was part of our STOW: Introduction activities and they had a blast. I had to reburry the bones several times so they could keep going.
 There were eight skulls, I used a regular plastic bin which I filled with dirt. I gave each of the boys a spoon, paint brush, and tongs. I explained to them how the tools should be used and why archeologists have to be so careful when they are digging up artifacts.

 I unfortunately didn't get to this project until the weather had gotten bad so we ended up doing it at the kitchen table. It would have made life a lot easier if we could have done it in the yard, but it was still worth it.

This was a really fun activity and I would highly recommend trying it out. I really wanted to use some type of clay or harder material but dirt was what I had.

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