Friday, December 7, 2012

The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading: Memory

I made some quick memory games for a couple of our chapters. I will be making more since this is a favorite of J's. He also gets tons of practice as he reads off each word that gets turned over.

 If I had thought about it ahead of time, I would have printed my word list of colored paper to begin with since the lettering shows through the back of white, but I didn't.  I cut the words apart, used photo splits (much faster and cleaner than glue) to stick them onto pieces of colored paper and laminated the whole thing for durability.
 Obviously my cutting job isn't perfect, but it doesn't really matter. I also bothered to laminate them at all because I know we'll be using them with A too.
 J loves playing memory and asked to play the game repeatedly throughout the school week.This is a nice change from the constant battle every time I bring out the reading book.

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