Monday, January 7, 2013

Reading Challenges: Bluegrass State of Mind

Title: Bluegrass State of Mind
Author: Kathleen Brooks
Genre: General Fiction/Romance
Location: Keeneston, Kentucky

I started off the New Year with an easy fun read to recoup from the holiday season. I loved Kathleen Brooks' writing style and her characters are charming to their very core. After McKenna Mason and her best friend Danielle witness a heinous crime involving judges, lawyers, politicians, and other high powered men, they part ways each running for their lives. McKenna turns to small town Keeneston where she has connections with an old family friend and childhood playmate Will Ashton. There Kenna meets the Rose sisters, puts prejudeces to bed, helps solve the mystery of what plagues the Ashton barns, is educated in all things derby, and of course falls in love. 
The love story was sweet and the Southern charm just plain charming; intertwining this with the heart pounding reality of Kenna's past kept me devouring page after page. I've already added Brooks' other books to my list of future reads.

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