Friday, March 15, 2013

Slime Science

J LOVES "doing" science and he was fortunate enough to receive some really cool science kits for Christmas and his birthday. We've been doing an experiment from one or the other about once a week.
 He got this Slime Science kit from his lovely aunties. I would highly recommend it, according to the box there is a whole collection of "Slinky Brand" science kits, I'm sure we'll be trying out some more of them.
 We've made two of the slimes so far. I'm not sure why he looks bored out of his mind in this pictures, he really was enjoying it.
 The kit comes with everything you need to complete the experiments. So far we've been able to make two batches (one for J and one for A) with material left over.
 This was a version of a pretty typical make at home glue and borax slime.
 This one, though hard to see in my pictures, was pretty gross. It was a pretty good representation of snot and it gave me the heeby geebies.
I think there are eight experiments in this kit so we have a ways to go. The kit also comes with heavy duty recipe cards and full explanations for all of the experiments.

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