Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reading Challenges: Completely Restored

Title: Completely Restored
Author: Robert Kerr
Genre: Historical Fiction

I've been devouring historical fiction and time travel books lately, fortunately I have a good stash of them sitting on the shelf ready to be thumbed through. 
I loved Completely Restored, like most of the historical fiction I read. Joe Murphy and his wife Linda purchase a gorgeous 3-bedroom Victorian home in enchanting Marshalltown, Iowa.  On the first day of summer vacation in 2009, Joe picks up their restored front door and installs it, effectively finishing the near perfect restoration of their home.  Unbeknownst to them, Joe and Linda, along with their three children, are transported during the night into the life of 1909 Marshalltown. As the Murphy family struggles to survive, and fit in, with their 1909 counterparts, they befriend the semi-retired doctor and eventually his tight lipped cynical housekeeper that live next door. The Murphy children find friends in the small town and they are simply waiting for some kind of sign as to why their are here, when Linda is diagnosed with diabetes. In their 1909 life, insulin hasn't been discovered and Linda is issued a death sentence instead of an easily treatable disease. Their drive to return to their normal life now becomes desperate as Joe tries to figure out a way to save his wife, and in turn their children.

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