Friday, May 24, 2013

Hopper Books by Marcus Pfister

Hopper books by Marcus Pfister

My mom bought me one of these books when I was younger and I have since found two more in the series. I had rabbits as a kid and one of them was named Hopper (original I know). They were white with black eyes and ears much like the bunnies in these books.

The stories are cute and the illustrations are beautiful.

We have been reading them this week to go along with our spring studies and spent a few minutes talking about the illustrations. Bubby guessed that they were done with paint and I showed him how they have a blurry or watery effect so we are able to guess that the illustrator used watercolors. 

We also talked about the fact that a "hare" is a rabbit of sorts. The book doesn't refer to many of the other animals but the illustrations include shadowy figures of wart hogs and an adorable owl if you look closely.

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