Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kitchen Sensory Fun

I needed something to keep A busy while J and I did school the other day so I whipped up a quick sensory bin for him. I have a couple of empty plastic bins I keep around (perfect for sensory bins and messy play). I set one up and threw in some black beans, split peas, and oatmeal.

 When we're done with a sensory bin I toss the filler into a gallon Ziploc bag so we can use it again later, and not waste it.
 I threw in some wooden blocks and a few random tractors and construction vehicles.

It's been out for a week now and A still stops by to play frequently. He adds and takes away so it changes a bit each day.

The same haircut :)

Some days it's zoos with wolves and dinosaurs. Some days it's helicopters and army men. Dragons and knights.

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