Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo Randomness

Sometimes I'm going through photos for whatever reason and realize that there is the most bizarre mix of photos on my computer/camera/phone. So here's a few that popped out at me today, and their story...

This is my four legged niece Lola. She is sweet as can be, is scared of her own shadow, and is obsessed with tennis balls. My sister orders tennis balls by the case and they arrive like this. I'm pretty sure this is Lola's idea of heaven. She takes ALL of the balls out of the box, and then her four legged big brother chews the box up. It's a good relationship.    

This is the part to a sander that the crew I work with uses. I'm sure I took it so that I could email the manufacturer and get a new part. Why it's still on my phone a month later, I have no idea.

This is A last year when he was staying with my sister. She took this picture while he was napping and was going through a suck on his blanket stage. Fortunately that stage didn't last long!

Picture of a table base and chairs that I took at Goodwill and sent to my sister because my nieces were looking for just such a table for the college apartment they will be sharing next year. I think my mom scored it for twenty bucks or something. It's going to be awesome when they are done. Again, more than a month later and it's still on my phone. I really have to start deleting these things.

 This is a test folks, only a test. The Mister is the training officer for our local fire department. J often goes along to the meetings, and on this particular night they practiced back-boarding pediatric patients.

A's taco salad. This is what he apparently thought of the salad part. I think I took this to send to The Mister just because it cracked me up.

Lost tooth number two. :)

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