Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Skeletal System

We've touched a bit on the skeletal system lately, though our science studies tend to be a bit helter-skelter.
I found this great printable skeleton here. He's actually part of a Halloween craft, but he worked perfectly for the beginning of our skeleton studies.

I was originally going to have the boys each make their own, but by the time I got done cutting out the pieces for one, I decided they could share. Ha!

We started with the scull and worked out way down, each time I would ask the boys "what comes next?" We used these two guys to help us out. J bought these with some Christmas/Birthday money off Amazon and he and The Mister put them together. We keep them on display and will continue to use them during our anatomy lessons. 

 Work in progress.....


 At some point I'm hoping we'll get around to labeling him.

We happened to find these foam puzzles at Staples for a buck! J has put them together several times over the past couple of weeks. There is also one of the brain, and one with organs. They are a bit tricky to put together because they aren't of the highest quality, but the repetition is helping him remember the major bones.

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