Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lion Notebooking Page

J has been asking to do various notebooking pages lately and he recently asked to do one on animals. I found this page template here and told J he could pick any animal he wanted. He choose to do one on lions and we got to work.

I explained briefly the process of taxonomy and J filled in the information as we found it online. I let him choose several photos, and a map that shows where lions are generally found geographically. He cut them all out and stapled them together, then stuck them into the photo spot on the page.

National Geographic Kids has an awesome site where kids can explore various animals. We've used it many times and my boys love looking at all of the different animals. We used this site to get all of our information. J was able to watch a short video, listen to a lion, and I read the information which he was then able to narrate back to me when we filled out his page.

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