Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Farm Sensory Bin

A loved the fall sensory bin I put in his quiet time box last week so I decided to include another version to fit the current (crummy) weather.
These are a few of the items included in last weeks bin:

I opted to include several of the previous fall related items but switched things up to add some farm flare.
 First of all I wanted a new sensory bin, one slightly bigger and a little deeper that the plastic box I was previously using. I commandeered this crate from the garage, cleaned it up, and it fits perfectly on the shelf in his cart. Since I don't have to worry about little ones getting into the bin, I didn't worry about using something with a lid.

I filled a smaller plastic box with lentils (from a previous bin) and put it into the crate.

Small ear of corn that we had on hand from our squirrel feeder.

Small plastic pumpkins from last weeks bin I originally purchased these at The Dollar Tree.

Small cup of mixed beans, also in my stash from a previous activity. If you need a small amount of items for cheap, check for stores that carry dry goods in bulk. We frequent WINCO in our area and they have a huge selection of items that can be used for fillers in sensory bins.

 Nuts (also used in last weeks bin) from bulk goods store.

 I have no idea where these little tiny pigs came from, but they were in my sensory bin materials so I threw them in.

These are the three remaining squash from last weeks bin. The others didn't make it through the week. These are cheap styrofoam from the dollar store so they lasted as long as could be expected with daily play. I'm keeping an eye out for similar items in plastic.

Cup of popcorn kernels. I do realize these will mostly likely get mixed with the beans and that's ok. I figured it'll be more fun for A to mix things together than it would be if I tossed them all in to start with.

A collection of Safari Ltd Farm Toob critters mixed with extras from other Toobs no doubt.

Everything set up and ready to go.

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