Monday, September 23, 2013

Math: Addition

I opted for a very relaxed and (hopefully) fun method to math this year. We started out light and our first week went well. We'll be gearing up a bit more over the next couple of weeks and adding in some math related reading as well.

J loves to play games so my big focus this year is simply having him practice his basic math skills while playing games and keeping score. We love Skip-Bo Dice and play it often. I had J keep score and helped him with the math along the way. I introduced him to carrying and used the math blocks to give him a brief visual lesson. We'll be working on this more over the next couple of week. 

We played Go Fish 10 which I found the instructions for here. There is also a cheat sheet that you can print for beginning adders. As we played I had J write down the number combinations to sneak in a little writing practice.

He has a Disney workbook that we picked up somewhere along the way and I asked him to complete a page or two while I was working, just for extra practice.

We also love the Skip-Bo card game. It's really pretty easy for J at this point, but does help with number recognition, ordering, and counting backwards. It also takes a bit of logical thinking and I could tell a significant change in his thought processes since we played last time.

He also really likes color by number type pages. I've found a bunch by Googling "color by addition."

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