Friday, September 20, 2013

PreK: Name Writing and "B" Activities

I wasn't planning on doing any letter of the week activities this week, but A went through my other planned activities so fast I pulled out the B file and let him pick some pages out.

My plan was to focus on name recognition and writing this week. In an effort to keep his name private, I'm not showing these projects here, but the bingo dots were definitely his favorite.

I introduced rainbow writing, which he wasn't interested in. He copied his letters just fine, but was incensed when I suggest he do it again in different colors.  Idea seen here.

I wrote his letter on white card stock and he used paint dotters to "trace" the letters. Idea seen here.
He also used this customizable handwriting sheet, which you can find here.

He chose to color baseball hats and bears in their corresponding colors from the Animal ABC series found here.

He did a couple of baseball and football pre-writing practice pages from here and here.

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