Monday, September 9, 2013

This Week in A's Quiet Time Box

The quiet time box was a huge hit last week! Unfortunately I don't really get to see what he is and isn't using, so I'll just have to go with the flow and see if he continues being excited. I'll try to sneak a few pictures this week.

I'm trying to do some kind of sensory bin each week since that is one thing I know he plays with.
In honor of the beginning of September, and Fall officially being here, I used some of the items from the larger bin I made last year to create a bit of fall play. A few of these items were found, most of them came from the dollar store.

I Googled "fall coloring pages" and printed off a few, then put them in a plastic paper file envelope thing I have along with some crayons.
Tails by Mathew Van Fleet. We love all of his books!

Animal eye spy jar that I made a while ago using buttons from Joanns and beads I had on hand.
Color sorting with a fabric strip and a collection of small items.
Geoboard with rubber bands. He has used this before so he already has a general idea of what to do. We also have a geoboard book that shows you how to make different letters and shapes but I left it out this time.

My ABC's magnetic alphabet book. I picked this up at a garage sale years ago and I love it.

Animal Lacing Cards from Ross. I think they might be Melissa and Doug but I don't remember for sure. I tied a knot in the end of each shoe string so they are ready to use.

Just for fun I threw is this Discovery View Master that we had. A few of our picture cards have dinosaurs and other animals and the view finder talks as you look at the pictures. We also have a hand full of Handy Manny cards.


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