Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reading Challenge: Bella Tuscany

Title: Bella Tuscany
Author: Frances Mayes
Series: Under The Tuscan Sun
Bella Tuscany is as enchanting as Under The Tuscan Sun was when I first perused it's pages four years ago. After the dusty and treacherous work of renovating Bramasole, Frances and her husband return to Cortona, Italy for their ninth summer to rest and relax. Well, as much as you can rest and relax with a revolving door of visitors, acres of garden to cultivate, and two major bathroom remodels. Their adventures with renovation in a small Italian town continue when their precious load of handpicked tile drives off a road and sinks, along with the truck it's in, somewhere along the coast never to be seen again. Frances continues to sneak in exquisite recipes throughout her narrative, and description of their gardens will leave you craving the Cortona hillsides, and tasting the scent of their limoneira.

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