Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reading Challenge: Shine On Series

Title: Shine On; Rise and Shine; Come Rain or Shine
Author: Allison Jewell
Series: Shine On

I found Shine On as a free eBook and dug in to help finish off one of my reading challenges. Not only did I devour it in one day, the next day I found and bought Rise and Shine, and read it, and the next day I bought Come Rain or Shine, and read it! I LOVED this series so much, I'm rather bummed that it appears to be ending with three books. Maybe we'll get lucky and Jewell will decide to pen another. 
Emmie and Silas McDowell meet in rather unfortunate circumstances and as their friendship grows, Emmie's secret involvement with Ole Maizy, a moonshine still, collides with Silas's family business. Shine On leads it's readers into the midst of a moonshine war in which Silas and Emmie are forced to reevaluate all of the decisions they've made in life. With it's blind pigs, speakeasies, dirty cops, and hidden stills, the small town that Emmie grew up in suddenly becomes so many more things. At the heart of this all to short series, is the love affair that begins between Emmie and Silas. Emmie will have to decide if she can accept a life with this slightly overbearing but loving man, and all of his secrets, and Silas has to face up to the fact that he may have finally met his match in Emmie.

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