Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Letter C Week

There are SO many fun C words that we actually spent a couple of weeks on C since we only do one or two letter of the week activities per day. I'll add links for printables at the bottom of the post in case you're interested. We happened to be studying knights and castles along with weather at the time so there is a pretty varied mix of activities.

Cloud in a jar experiment, this worked best in the dark using a flashlight. I came across several different versions of this, I've linked one up below.

C in for Caterpillar prewriting

small search and find C sensory bin

I made the pieces by laminating stickers

Candy corn C

How many caterpillars

Camping counting cards

Cottonball cloud experiment

Cowboy boot size sorting

C is for cactus and carrot dot painting

Cupcake C

Cowboy puzzle

Shaving cream cloud

C is for castle 3-part cards

C is for castle color shields

 C is for castle patterns

Letter C pancakes made using a squeeze bottle that I purchased in the candy making section at Joann Crafts

castle stamping using ink pads and pencil erasers (the link to this page doesn't appear to be working at the moment)

cookie baking

Shaving Cream Cloud
Rain Cloud Jar
Knights Preschool Pack
Camping Printable Pack
Cowboy Printable Pack
C is for Caterpillar
C is for Caterpillar - Confessions of a Homeschooler

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