Friday, January 3, 2014

Space Sensory Bin

Just before the holidays I put together a space sensory bin for A, he hasn't used it much and we'll be continuing our space studies over the next few weeks so I'll be leaving this one together for a while.  

 The base is made up of black beans. We have a huge box of plastic beads that came from a garage sale or something so I sorted out some of the yellow, gold, white, glow in the dark, and a few stars to mix in with the beans.  
A spent one quiet time sorting all of the beads from the beans and then sorting them by color. 
Buzz Lightyear action figure and spaceship. We actually have a smaller Buzz that fits in the spaceship, but I can't find him of course.

Space themed erasers from The Dollar Tree

Astronauts from the Space Toob  I buy all of our Toobs at Joann Crafts with 40% off coupons.

 Also from the Space Toob

 Star buttons from a larger set of shaped button math manipulatives

 Marbles to represent planets and asteroids and whatever else

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