Saturday, March 12, 2011

{Night Of The Moonjellies 2012}

We pulled out Bubby's 1-100 Dot-To-Dot. I purchased this from Rainbow Resource at the beginning of the school year and it has helped immensely with his counting. I really like that it gives an opportunity for counting the higher numbers while doing something fun. Bubby has liked doing dot-to-dots for a long time so it is a perfect fit. He counts out loud as he goes from dot to dot, this really is a necessity as the pictures are fairly detailed and many of the dots are very close together, if he doesn't read the numbers as he goes he isn't able to make the pictures correctly. I've found that easier dot to dots don't require much thought as he can just go along and usually end up with the right image since the spacing is so large.
While Bubby was working on math I pulled out the color posters I made here. Monkey now knows all of his colors but he still has fun pulling the pictures off and putting them back in place. Sort of a free form puzzle. He chose to do one color at a time this time. Sometimes we pull them all off and mix the images up, then he chooses one at a time and puts them in their place. I changed the magnets I originally used for clear Velcro dots.

We read The Night of the Moon Jellies for our FIAR book. I loved this book myself. The images are bright and fun and the story is really cute.
We are still studying ocean animals so I specifically chose this book to go along with it.

The story prompted all kids of research and we focused on jellyfish and New England. Here is a list of websites I found that have some fun images, videos and information on jellyfish.
Moon Jellies at Shedd Aquarium
Long Beach Island Journal - Moon Jellyfish
National Geographic Jellyfish photos

I also found these websites that we used to explore New England. Tourist sites are a great way to "visit" different locations.
Visit New England
Discover New England

I brought out this puzzle of the US and Bubby and I put it together. He would pick up a piece and I would say "that is Nevada, it goes next to California" or whatever it happened to be. I was trying to make him more aware of the state names and locations rather than just sticking puzzle pieces together.

We also used our student atlas to locate the New England states. We reviewed the meaning of "state" "country" "region". These are rather hard concepts but I think he was getting the general idea. He is really drawn to the Statue of Liberty right now. The student atlas has images on each state that shows what they might be known for and the Statue of Liberty is of course depicted.

I printed out a copy of Enchanted Learnings Ocean Animals books in English and Spanish.

I cut the pieces apart and used my crop-a-dile to add a grommet in the upper corner on both books just to hold everything together. Our stapler is MIA (where do these things go).

 It was great writing practice and good review for the names of various species. I highlighted the main word on each page so he could focus on that rather than trying to squeeze in the entire phrase.

 I switched out the dominoes for link n' learn links.
I will be adding some activities that they can use with the link n' learn links this week. For now, it's just been fun to see what they have been coming up with on their own.

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