Thursday, August 29, 2013

Quiet Time Box and Sensory Area

I've seen tons of ideas for quiet time boxes and sensory bins and a various assortment of other things. After writing my list of ideas for each of the boys I started putting my plan into action, plus we're starting school next week (yikes!) so I need to get a move on.

I loved the idea of having a box for each day but we simply don't have room for that kind of set up, and since our schedule is varied, most weeks he won't need the box every day.
After swapping out The Mister's nightstand for a small desk, I adopted it for our school room and it worked out perfectly! I especially love that it's on wheels so I can move it around to different rooms depending on what's needed at the time.

The bottom shelf holds a basket (which my amazing niece made!) which contains all kids of trays, measuring cups, scoops, spoons, bowls, etc. that can be used for sensory play. 

The top shelf holds a package of wipes, two metal cookie sheets to help contain sensory messes or for magnetic work, a larger sorting tray, and usually there is another basket with a cloth insert that he can use to spread out his sensory activities.

The very top holds his quiet time box which will get switched out weekly (hopefully!). I designed the label with iPiccy, printed, then used packing tape to adhere it to the side of the box.
My plan is to post what goes in his box each week so stay tuned!

 I use these Sterelite boxes in a wide variety of sizes all over my house. Love them! I found mine at Walmart, I think they are pretty easy to get your hands on. A's box is a 51 qrt. version, inside I use a variety of these in smaller sizes and a few cloth bags to house individual activities. There is also a three ring binder with dry erase pages and pencil pouch with Crayola washable dry erase markers.

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