Friday, June 7, 2013

Crete Notebooking Pages

Our first notebooking pages were for Crete to go along with our reading in Story Of The World Volume I. I explained to J before I started reading what the plan was, and told him to try and remember things that he might want to write about. Once I was done reading we made a quick list of the things that he thought were interesting.

Then we went to the computer. J isn't very interested in drawing and he loves to use the internet, so I decided to let him search for interesting visuals to print and write about.

This particular notebooking template came from here and the second page is a piece of plain white paper.

We did a quick YouTube search for relevant Ancient Crete videos and found a couple of things that we skimmed. Nothing worth linking per say. All of the images seen on J's pages were from a Google search so I'm not sharing the links. 

Once he has a good selection of pictures he liked, I cut them out and he got down to business. I let him decide how he wanted to organize his pictures and the layout. He did a couple of title labels, otherwise I wrote while he narrated the information he wanted to include.

The mini "How A Volcano Erupts" book came from the Crayola site and can be printed here. I colored the cover why J colored the internal pages and we went over the information together. We also watched the Bill Nye episode about volcanoes which can be found here.

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