Saturday, April 7, 2012

{Shades of Purple}

This project was a huge hit in so many ways! I chose it to go along with our Harold and the Purple Crayon row after seeing it on a couple of other blogs. The templates can be found on my FIAR resource page under Harold and the Purple Crayon.
 When I printed out the templates I laminated them so they would be reusable, this was a good choice as the boys wanted to try it over and over again. I set them each up with a template, two small containers of water, one red and one blue, and medicine droppers.
 Bubby had the actual shades of purple template, I gave Monkey this one to play with and he was very happy. The medicine droppers take a bit of coordination and he loved working with them.

 First we tried adding the water and then using a paper towel to see the circles.
 The colors didn't blend very well this way. Maybe if we didn't have such absorbent paper towels the colors would have ran together better....)
 So then Bubby did his drops again and I helped him use a wooden skewer to mix the colors on the paper.
 We were able to see the different shades better this way.

 Then I broke out some red and blue paint. Bubby put his drops on and we mixed them with skewers again.
 Here is Monkey's version.
 Then I showed Bubby how to press paper down and lift it off to transfer the paint to white paper.

He made several prints before calling it quits. 
We set the painted versions out to dry and added them to our FIAR notebook. We will be using these "shades of...." sheets again for sure and I will be breaking out the medicine droppers more often.

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