Sunday, April 8, 2012

{Weekly Wrap-up}

We've been having a great time with Harold and the Purple Crayon! We've also been busy doing all kinds of other things.
 I had planned on doing this another week but never got around to it. Enchanted Learning has the printables for Snowflake Bingo using numbers 0-11. There 24 different cards to print plus different types of math problems to use. I stuck with addition but plan to add the subtraction cards soon. I laminated everything for durability and we used foam blocks for markers. Get six numbers in a row and you win!

 These dinosaur silhouettes came from the dollar store. I think there were ten in the package. Monkey has had a great time decorating them.
 We did some dandelion painting.
 Bubby's copywork from Harold and the Purple Crayon
 Purple pie fractions
 The Shades of Purple using colored water and then paint.

Purple crayons
We started using Carisa's Calendar Connections cards from 1+1+1=1 and they have been a great way to add a little science to each day.

I began using this days of the week slider from School Sparks each day to review "today" "tomorrow" and "yesterday" with Bubby.

Resources for all of our Harold and the Purple Crayon activities can be found on the FIAR page.

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