Monday, August 13, 2012

{Glow in the dark slime}

We inherited part of a Discovery Channel science kit from my sister and J(6.5) has been begging me to do some of the experiments. He loves anything to do with science or doing experiments.
 While A(3.5) was sleeping one day we finally brought out the kit and decided to make glow in the dark slime. The kit was easy to use, the instructions clear, and it was really good practice for future experiments.
 We talked about safety and why we wear glasses, why we don't directly smell things (harsh chemicals will burn your airway), and why we don't taste things.
 He measured and mixed and stirred and we came up with a tiny blob of slime. I think the only disappointing part of the kit was the amount it makes.
 It recommends "charging" your slime by leaving it under a bright light for a short period of time. That's our slime, in the little medicine cup.
We tested it under a blanket (since it was the middle of the afternoon) and got pretty decent results. The slime stays good for a while if you keep it in the fridge so we have it stashed away to bring out another day.
We still have to make firefly light sticks and glow in the dark bouncy balls (if I can track down the directions, we're missing that page).

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