Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We splurged when we got our taxes back this year and bought a playset for the boys. It's been on our list for the last few years and we had one delivered back in April. Once the rain let up a bit we were able to put the main structure together in one day, though The Mister has been adding a few finishing touches here and there.

The boys LOVE it and play on it nearly everyday. We opted not to put sand in the sandbox area since it didn't come with a cover (cats, yuck!) and we are currently using it to stash their outside toys.

Some of the wood components are on the cheapy side and will no doubt have to be replaced, but overall we are really happy with the way it turned out. I didn't get pictures of the other sides but there is a rock wall to the right and a tire swing directly behind the platform, and the sandbox area with a small picnic table is tucked behind the slide under the platform.
We looked on many many websites, read reviews, compared the number of "activities" offered and finally decided on this one. It seemed like the best bang for our buck.

One more thing marked off our summer bucket list!

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