Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{Reading Challenges Jr: Week 25}

Since I signed us up for a couple of summer reading challenges, I've gotten back into gear with our nightly reading. It helps that the boys are super excited to read books on my Kindle.

Last night we shared a montage of titles:

Goodnight Moon - Margaret Wise Brown
I love this book but haven't pulled it off the shelf for a long time. It is on our Excellence in Reading list for this year so I picked it for last night. The images are sweet and my boys always seem to enjoy anything that rhymes. Monkey asked me to read it a second time but fell asleep before I could make it to the end. This is one of those classics that come in all forms and should be shared with all ages.
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Andy and The Lion - James Daugherty

 I've never actually read this book, but it is on our list of Five In A Row books for the coming school year. I really like the illustrations and the story is sweet. I didn't really enjoy the way the text flowed though. There are not complete sentences on any particular page and it seems like I'm trying to flip through the pages quickly in order to finish a thought. I think we'll enjoy it more when we row it as we'll read it multiple times and will have a better opportunity to revisit the pages.
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We also had to read a few options from the Kindle of course:

The Moon and The Cap - Memetales
I especially liked this one, it has a cute storyline.
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Timmy and Pepe - Memetales
The boys chose to listen to the Kindle read all of these, and that was fine with me. The stories are generally short, and pretty simple, and don't interest me a whole lot.
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Too Many Bananas - Memetales
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I also found for free via Amazon:
Who is Who at the Zoo!

The illustrations in this book are really really cute. One page has the animal, typically with their face covered, and a short rhyming description. The next page shows a full view of the animal and says "I'm a zebra!" or "I'm an elephant!". Monkey loved guessing the animals and because he's still learning some of their names, the book had a little bit of a challenge. Bubby asked me to read it to him later and I had him close his eyes while I read the description, then he guessed the animals. It was still pretty easy for him but it added some fun into the story.
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Aldo Tanners! Where Are Your Manners?!

The point of this book was good, manners are always important, and their use of illustrations was creative. Generally speaking though, I don't find "potty" humor funny and would pass on this book in the future. Bubby seemed to enjoy it though he didn't make any specific comments.
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  1. Love your blog, thanks for being a part of our Reading Challenge. Right now we are reading aloud The Mysterious Benedict Society, its not on the list but is an excellent book for kids 8 and up.

    1. Thank you! We got a bit side tracked but I pulled the list out again and plan to enjoy many of the books over the summer.