Sunday, June 17, 2012

{Reading Challenges: The Fiction Class}

Week 25!? Sheesh....I am way behind. I have been reading a lot though, so it isn't for a lack of material.

The Fiction Class - Susan Breen
Arabella Hicks has an overpowering, opinionated mother, who is currently dieing in a nursing home across town. While she struggles to finish her book she's been working on for seven years, Arabella teaches a weekly writing course to a variety of trying and amusing writing enthusiasts. 
As Arabella goes through the weekly chore of her community class, she begins to see that there are more to people than strictly meets the eye. As Arabella makes friends, suffers heartache, and falls in love, her eyes are opened to the mother she thought she knew and understood.
I very much enjoyed this book and the characters I found in it. If you want to join in with Arabella's class, you will find her writing assignments at the end of each chapter.

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