Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Science: Everything Weather Related Week 1

We started off the year studying all things related to weather. We'll continue with weather for at least a couple more weeks so many of our projects are on going at this point.

It was a really exciting week to study weather in Washington! We had multiple thunderstorms rumble through the area in one day allowing us to experience hours of thunder and lightening. The Mister and I thought it was extremely exciting as we very rarely see such storms in our area, unfortunately the thunder stressed J out so he couldn't really enjoy it.

A practiced his letter recognition by matching lower case and upper case letters from this printable pack.
I laid out all of the lowercase letters in order and then we put the uppercase letters in a stack. I helped A pick one card at a time from the uppercase stack, named the letter for him if he didn't know, and then gave him clues as needed to find the corresponding lowercase card. He was only able to name a few, and was able to match about a dozen, so we'll be doing this several more times in the next couple of weeks.

 We started putting together The Weather Words lapbook that I found here. We'll be incorporating it into our notebooks so I skipped the traditional file folder style and we are mounting all of the pieces onto card stock that can be hole punched. I couldn't find the go along book, Weather Words and What They Mean, at the library. I finally broke down and ordered it off of Amazon after finding numerous excellent reviews.

Books we used:

Other stuff:
We watched this video on YouTube about Hurricane Katrina. It was done by a group of storm chasers, and while it was very interesting, it also lead us into a good discussion of safety during storms and natural disasters.

We watched a few other short clips from YouTube about hurricanes and tornadoes just by searching. I found some really interesting videos about the Joplin Tornado from 2011, but opted not to show them to my little worrier.

I Googled "weather coloring pages" and printed out several that the boys colored while I was reading. This was one of my favorites

We also did a it of exploring using Weather Wiz Kids

They watched Magic School Bus Kicks Up A Storm (season 1 episode 13). This is a YouTube link, you an also watch it on Netflix streaming

and Bill Nye The Science Guy: Wind

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