Thursday, March 15, 2012

{IXL - Math Practice}

First of all, I'm not being compensated for this post, I just like to share fun free resources I find.
I came across this website when I was looking for math ideas recently. They have a membership that you can purchase and it will keep records and track your student's results. I ignored that option and plan to just use it for freebie practice.

One thing that I particularly like about it is that it is very similar to the standardized testing Bubby has to do each year. (He is registered as a student with Columbia Virtual Academy, I'll explain more on that later). Besides, if you face reality, testing is a part of life. Even if you avoid it for your homeschool years, college is going to be a real slap in the face. Bubby tried the site last night, the topic we chose was way to easy for him but he didn't have any trouble using the site and he said he liked it.

The site is broken into grade levels, and then each grade level is broken down into topics. For instance 1st grade has 151 skill topics and includes addition, subtraction, geometry, time, ect. The questions are written but there is a speaker icon you can click on to have the question read. Some of the questions are fill-in and some are multiple choice.

The first few topics look like this:

Counting and number patterns

  • A.1 Counting review - 0 to 10
  • A.2 Counting review - up to 20
  • A.3 Counting tens and ones - up to 30
  • A.4 Counting - up to 30
  • A.5 Counting - up to 100
It appears that if you choose to use it for free you can only take two of the skill tests on any given day. The tests also appear to be endless so you can designate a certain number of questions, a time frame (it has a clock), or just use it for review or skill testing.

This is an example of a question from the fraction sets:
Which figure shows thirds?

 All of the tests that I looked at use real images which is kind of fun.

Right now they have Pre-K - 8th and Algebra. It looks like they will be adding Language Arts soon as well. One thing that I found really helpful is that their lessons are based on state standards and there are links through the site so you can view your states most recent standards. I don't plan on using a premade math curriculum next year and their set up is making it a breeze to plan my own, while making sure I include all of topics.

I plan on using the site following our lessons as a fun review and to make sure Bubby is understanding the concepts. Plus it's good practice for standardized testing.

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