Monday, March 26, 2012

{Rush Hour Jr.}

We picked up this game when Border's closed last summer and gave it to Bubby for Christmas. 
He seems to really enjoy puzzles and strategy type games. This one is fun for all of us, and anything that can be classified as a "game" is golden in Bubby's book.

The cards start out with easy puzzles and go to expert. The front of the card shows the initial setup and a recommended number of moves to "win."
The back of the card shows the moves one at a time if they need hints.
The point of the game is to set up the vehicles as pictured on the cards and then slide them back and forth until you are able to move the ice cream truck (the white one in the middle) through the slot on the side (where his finger is).
It's the perfect game for quiet times and it will get their brains working.

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